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    Welcome to Major Key Studios, The Midland’s premiere recording studios. Based at The Public, a unique media and arts centre near Birmingham, we offer services for artists and professional producers who need reliable, repeatable top quality audio.
    At Major Key Studios we cater for any size of ensemble, whether you’re a solo artist or an orchestra, we can provide the space your require. Our modern and spacious control room is tie-lined to a 300 capacity theatre and two recording booths. It also houses the award winning SSL 4000E recording console, which is linked to both analogue and digital recording systems.
    The team at Major Key Studios has a wealth of experience and are always at hand to offer friendly and expert advice.

    Our Price

    Recording & Production

    £29 per hour

    £220 per day (8hours)

    Dry hire block booking also available

    Studio Sessions Video

    £180 1 Song filmed and edited (exc. hourly studio rate)

    Theatre Hire

    £999 per Day (capacity for orchestra)

    Event Space, Mastering and Mixing also available

    Prices negotiable

    Call: 01214292996


  • About MKS

    The Company

    Major Key Studios was founded in 2007 by Phil Savage. Phil debuted as a singer at the Star Club in Hamburg at the age of seventeen and was later signed as a recording artist to Decca Records. He then went on to run his own recording studios, the infamous Outlaw Sound studios in Birmingham, working with the likes of Duran Duran, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Fine Young Cannibals, The Specials and Black Sabbath. The vision of Major Key Studios has always been to combine the traditional and modern, bringing young fresh thinkers and industry professionals together to create a recording environment that is unique and unparalleled anywhere in the Midlands.

    The Family

    With over a 100 years combined experience, the staff at Major Key Studios are at hand to help you through every step of the recording process. Our two senior engineers Don and Ian have worked closely with many artists and a vast array of equipment, and put this experience to good use.

    Ian Grimley

    has also toured extensively throughout Europe and America both as a musician and front of house sound engineer. He has worked with the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Ministry, Rage Against The Machine and Ramstein. He is an established studio engineer and producer.

    Don Stewart

    began his career working as a test engineer at Audio Developments in Walsall. He then went on to start up the company Rebis Audio with two friends and then built Mike (Tubular Bells) Oldfield's customized wrap around mixing desk. Rebis Audio ran for 15 years and built recording equipment for a host of studios, including the BBC.

    Joe Savage

    is our ‘vision’ guy, filming and editing our studio sessions, and any other events that take place at Major Key Studios. Joe graduated with a Masters in Documentary Film Making at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2008 and has put his accreditation to good use by filming over 200 videos since starting work at Major Key in 2008.

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  • About Our Work

    Based within The Public building, the recording suite has been built to the highest specification and features a very large control room, a drum booth with sufficient additional space for the bass player, and an additional booth for vocals, brass, amplifiers etc. A comfortable green space with kitchen facilities is available for rest and relaxation. The recording chain is based around the award winning Solid State Logic 4000E mixing desk linked to both digital and analogue recording systems. Standard studio hire includes the use of isolation booths for drums and vocals giving benefits regarding "feel" and reducing the time required to produce a track.

    Producers of big bands, choirs, orchestras and live audience work can opt to use the theatre studio which features exceptional acoustics and was designed by Sandy Brown Associates. The theatre studio has both audio and video links into the main control room. SSL4000E mixing desk as favoured by many top producers because of the combination of features such as compression, expansion, noise gating and limiting on all channels coupled to its renowned flexible, accurate and transparent equalisation. JBL large format monitoring system features 2 x 15" speakers per side which means that low frequency content can be heard within the sub sonic range which allows accurate mixing decisions to be made that are critical to the quality of the final product. Many near and mid field systems run out of energy rapidly below 50 hz meaning that sub sonic balance becomes largely guesswork.

    Pro Tools HD3 is combined with dual quad core Mac Pro technology and converters by Lynx and Digi Design provide multitrack recording, editing and processing to professional standards. We also offer Otari 24 track analogue tape recording and the option of mixing either format onto an ex EMI Classic Studer C37 valve stereo tape recorder circa 1962. The entire suite of studios is interfaced with Van Damme star quad audio cable meaning exceptional audio quality and gold plated connectors are used throughout. All areas feature both air conditioning and separate air cooling systems meaning that artists and producers have a comfortable environment to work in.

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    Major Key Studios

    The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, B70 7PG




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  • Services

    Our Services...

    • Multi track recording for all type of bands and solo artists
    • Mixing
    • Speech Recording
    • Mastering
    • Video Production


    • SSL 4000E console
    • Protools HD3
    • Otari 24 track 2 inch tape recorder
    • Studer C37 stereo ¼ inch valve tape recorder
    • Neumann U87 microphone
    • Ursa Major reverb unit
    • 1963 Vox AC30 top boost
    • Broadwood Boudoir Grand Piano
    • Classic 1960’s Ludwig and Slingerland drums
    • Lynx 16 channel A/D convertor
    • Digi Design 8 channel A/D convertor


    If you require any more information on our range of services and equipment our details can be found in the contact us section of the site.


The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, B70 7PG Tel: 0121-429-2996